SM Downtown Premier opens May 12,2017

Kagay-anong and the rest of the neighboring cities and provinces are very excited with the opening SM CDO Downtown Premier this coming May 12,2017. This largest shopping mall in the city is located along Claro M. Recto Ave. corner Osmeña St., Cagayan de Oro City. It is owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall operator in the Philippines. The mall is the 2nd SM Supermall in Northern Mindanao and 60th in the Philippines. It will have a gross floor area of 152,000 sq.m. and will be the largest mall in Mindanao after its opening.

Finally we no longer need to go to Cebu City or Manila to purchase luxury brands. My husband is super excited to MF bose acoustimass 15 which he has been longing to have to complete our home entertainment gadgets.

So guys , get ready with your cash and credit cards when SM downtown premier will open this May 12!!

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The season of giving is here !

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your kids? Before choosing and purchasing kids Christmas presents, parents have to first think of what their hobbies and interests are, and then give them the most appreciated Christmas items. The most common gifts given to kids are musical instruments. Musical instrument is great for teens. There are lots of lowest prices at musicians friend for any gadgets your kids want, from wind, string and percussive musical instruments. If your older kid likes to play the guitar, you can buy a nice guitar for him/her. Electric drums are famous for your little drummer boy, so get it for him. There are alsp orchestral instruments available at musician friends such as violen, organ or flute. it is always a good idea to present your children with musical instruments.

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What is a Viola ?

My daughter who is in grade 10 asked me what is a viola . Honestly, I really don’t know what the word means so she went to his father who is a musician and ask him. Then I learned that a viola is a musical instrument with four strings and a bow and is the second biggest member of the string or violin family.

Actually is it known as the alto or tenor violin. It looks like a violin with a wooden soundbody, f shaped soundholes, fingerboard, four strings stretched along the fingerboard by tuning pegs on one end, over a supporting wooden bridge to a tailpiece on the soundbody at the other end of the soundbody. It is played in the same way as the violin, that is, a violist moves the bow over the string (s) with the right hand and presses the the fingers down on the strings with the left hand to alter the string length and hence the notes. Or it is plucked, to form an effect called pizzicato. However it is bigger and sounds deeper, more mellow and less penetrating than the violin. In fact it is twenty nine inches long and six inches longer than the violin.

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Star -studded Conference and Concert at Limketkai Atrium


Kuh Ledesma  and other artist will be  having a  Conference and Concert  at the Atrium of Limketkai Center on  Saturday .  In the past  Kuh was focused on her singing and acting careers, her family and her paintings, which have elicited similarly favorable reactions. Today, however, she’s adjusted her priorities and is more focused on her spiritual healing advocacy, which is taking up most of her time and ardent commitment.

During the Conference ( Saturday 1pm )  Kuh will be joined by Rita Gonzalez, Cathy & Mel Po, Peter Kairuz and other speakers while in the Concert ( 8 pm) , joining her are Ray-An Fuentes, Tirso Cruz III, Isabella, Carlo Orosa, Nanette Inventor and other committed musical artists.

The concert-conference  tour  will  start on Sept. 10 in Cagayan de Oro City. Then to  General Santos on Oct. 1 , Davao on Oct. 2 and Cebu on Oct. 8 .

 Personally, I love to see  personally these Christian Artist  and hear their testimonies. Wish I could stay up night to see the concert too!  My son who is a lead guitarist   in our church worship band ( a     les paul junior   new owner )   would be delighted to see state of the art musical instrument  too!

If you wish to see the event, just leave a comment or call 0922-866-2509.

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Virtual Recording in your mobile devices

These days recording an audio can literally be beamed through the air and transferred from one box to another. This is what we call a virtual realm of recording. Instead of being held on tape format as in the 80’s , saving of audio records can be duplicated and replicated any number of times without losing any fidelity. Virtual recording studio is the one that is simultaneously more advanced and more affordable. If you have a computer with a sound card and any kind of microphone, then your virtual recording studio is probably sitting in a room in your house, or on your laptop. Today, with the availability of unbelievably affordable (some ever free!) recording software and USB microphones, professional sound audio is achievable for just about anyone with a computer, or even a smart phone !

One can get Launchpad on an iphone or turn your iPad into an analogue-modelling synthesizer. I have a friend who is good in making and remixing music on  his  mobile devices like  instantly mapping  his   digital audio workstation parameters to  his  hardware controls. His   novation products ,  apps and software integrate with   his  gear to create unique and portable workstations.

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