Liturgical Dancers of Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International

Liturgical dance comes from the word “liturgy.” It means a set of customs, ideas, or phrases.  This form of dance is primarily done in church services. Although it is not permitted in every church, it is still a legitimate form of worship. Nowadays , dance has become a mainstay at churches around the country. Gospel music artists and Christian music artists are incorporating liturgical dance in many forms into their concert productions. As it is becoming more mainstream, many young girls are wanting to be apart of dance ministries at their local churches. Women that had deferred dreams of dancing on stage now have the opportunity to dance in service to the Lord.  The movements are centered on a relationship with God. Some movements can express thankfulness, praise, rejoicing, worship, and warfare.

There are also tools or instrument used in liturgical dancing such as banners, flags, ribbons, tambourine and streamers–all designed to bring a celebratory element into dance pieces. Whether ministering or performing to a slower paced song or fast song, these praise instruments are added accessories designed to bring beauty to the dance. Along with the flow of the garments, the addition of a banner or flag can create fluidity and fullness in choreography.

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