The KLCC Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Above is one of the many pictures taken during our visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KLCC Twin Towers is such an amazing architecture that should not be missed during any visit to the city. Completed in 1998, these towers were at one instance the tallest buildings in the world at 452 meters each ( now second to Taipe’s 101 ) . Each tower has 88 floors and is designed in the form of an 8 sided star which according to the architect is a symbol of fullness and regeneration in Islam. Unlike any other sky scrapers in today’s modern engineering which are steel , KLCC Tower is made of concrete.

We took this picture in-front of a fountain where according to the locals is the best place to take a full view picture of the tower. The fountains are equally beautiful. I was reminded of the kenroy fountains I saw on cable TV. Indeed, the structure is amazing. I regret I was not able to go up, even at the Skybridge which joins the two towers at the 21st floor . We arrived late, so we were not able to get free tickets.

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